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I met Louise L. Hay in 1985 and some point in that year we decided that our work was complimentary. We created a project called "MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape." My sister and writing partner, Joan Meijer, and I wrote the book, and Louise and I co-created an exercise video with affirmations and exercise tapes with affirmations. In that book, audios and video lay the seeds that have led to this book.


Early in the 1990s Joan and I decided to separate the Body Wisdom chapter from the book, to expand it both in number of body parts and in the amount of material we presented and to create divination cards to go with the material. We expanded the MetaFitness chapter into a book and initially created the cards.


In those days I was conducting conference breaks for Caroline Maysse and other speakers. As a perk I was allowed to have a product table. On that table I kept a basket filled with Body Wisdom Cards. Over the years literally thousands of people came by and pulled a card. To our constant amazement everyone picked the perfect card for them. Either they had a problem with their body or they were dealing with the life-issue. It was amazing to see how the Body Wisdom information fit.


I expanded the use of the cards into my classes for coaches and hypnotists. I would ask my students to draw a card and then have their partner create a hypnosis process for them. I cannot begin to describe the value these cards created in the classes. And, as I could have predicted, every person who drew a card drew the card with the issue with which they were working in their lives.


I invite you to search this website and draw you free daily card to help you learn more about your body, more about your life and your own bodies wisdom.

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